September 20th 2008
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: WA6PYE Steve, KG6LSE Peter, and N6AIN Deryl
Where: Villa Park in Orange, near the end of  Wonderview Ave.

The T was running 1/2 watt to a 1/4 wave spike.

There was a clear view to the start point and the hunters reported they had a good signal.


Calls       Miles      Time       Comment
N6UZS       17.7       8:35 PM    Doppler worked Greate
WB6JPI      23.1       8:55 PM
N6MJN       13.1       9:00 PM
N6ZHZ       14.8       9:21 PM
K0OV        UNOFF      9:49 PM    Doppler only 

The Winner is N6MJN Dave