September 18th Fullerton Transmitter Hunt

Hider: KF6RNL




20.95 Winner










At the start of the hunt, the Transmitter was hidden at the end of Farad Avenue in Costa Mesa, just south of 17th street. It was running 340mw into a 5/8 wave mag mount stuck to the side of a large dumpster. After a not-so brief test period, it was apparent that most hunters couldn't hear it at the start point. After fiddling with it at that location for a while I decided that we were going to have to move to a different location to be heard. The T was packed into the truck, the mag mount was stuck to the top of the cab, and we started driving, while talking to KD6SNE on the cellphone so he could tell me when we could be heard. We only got a block or so when a good signal was heard at the start, so we pulled in to the nearest industrial complex to wait for the hunters. The final resting place for the T was near Pomona street, between 17th and 18th in Costa Mesa, with the 5/8 mag mount on top of the truck. It was about 8:35. Sorry for the poor signal at first.

The T this time had audio from Austin Powers, "How dare you break wind before me! Sorry, Baby! I didn't know it was your turn."

Based on how close the mileages were, it doesn't look like anyone got very far off track, but some commented that there were weird bearings along the way. Thanks to the hunters for putting up with my fumbling around at the start. Leigh and I hope everyone had a good hunt.