September 17th 2016
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

The hiders were Glenn (AB6PA), Bill (KG6EEK) and Ryan.  The hiding location was at  33°46'47.98"N, 117°53'2.95"W (3020 N. Hesperian in Orange) near the entrance of the Orange County Youth Guidance Center.  The shortest distance from the start point to the hiding location is 9.3 miles, 


Call(s)                      Time                 Miles

N6AIN/WA6PYE                8:15 P.M.              9.5
WA6CYY                      8:46 P.M.             10.7
N6MJN                       8:48 P.M.             12.6
N6ZHZ/KK6JDC                9:05 P.M.             19.0

The winners are Deryl N6AIN and Steve WA6PYE.

73, Glenn (AB6PA)