Results of the
August 20th 2005
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Steve WA6PYE
Location of the T: In the parking lot of a Best Buy just on the west side of the 15 Fwy and north of Limonite Ave in Norco, OUT OF BOUNDS by over 7 miles! Shame, Shame!!!!


Calls            Time        Mileage
N6ZHZ            8:20 PM     UNOF
KF6GQ            8:53 PM     28.40
N6AIN / N6MJN    9:04 PM     36.80
K6SNE            9:28 PM     60.50
WA6DWL / K6MJU   9:32 PM     67.00
K0OV  Started late. T was off the air
      Before he heard a signal. 

Bob N6ZHZ never made it to the start point so he was unofficial. All though it apears that Don KF6GQ is the winner, the UNOFFICIAL rule is, if the hider is out of bounds, he has to hid again next month. Good Luck Steve.Try to be in bounds next month!