August 18th 2018
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Scot KA6UDZ
The T was hidden in the South parkway of Sunset Bluff Road, West of East Yellow Feather Circle, in the City of Walnut. The coordinates were:
34° 2.360' N
117° 51.118' W

A single T went on the air at precisely 8:00 pm. The initial power level was a bit less than 1 Watt. The antenna was a home brew 3-Element Yagi from 1995 pointing at approximately 175 degrees true. Word from the start point was that the signal was barely detectable using a SSB detector. The transmitter was replaced with a 5 Watt transmitter. The signal level was then detectable by all at the start point.


Calls                Miles    Time
N6ZHZ/Adam           15.10   20:53 
N6AIN/WA6PYE         20.00   21:01 
KG6EEK/AB6PA         20.10   21:12 
WA6CYY               21.20   21:27

Curiously, the arrival times tracked the elapsed miles.

The Winners are Bob N6ZHZ and Adam.