August 16th 2014
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Steve WA6PYE
Where: The end of Soquel Canyon Pkwy in Chino Hills


Calls                        Time     Miles
N6MJN                        8:35 PM  17.5
N6MI                         8:40 PM  17.8
N6AIN                        8:48 PM  22.1
WA6CYY                       8:50 PM  25.6
N6ZHZ/KK6JDC                 8:52 PM  17.6
AB6PA/KG6EEK/RYAN            9:15 PM  27.1
It was so close between N6MJN Dave and N6ZHZ Bob that they came to an agreement.
N6ZHZ and KK6JDC will be hiding the September Fullerton Hunt.