August 15th, 1998 Fullerton Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Steve N6XFC AND Dave N6MJN

We switched with Joe K0OV, with the 1st sat hunt next month.

Dave and I once again used High Power, 110w through a 15 element beam pointed at the start point from Huntington Beach, at the corner of Sea Point and Garfield in an open field under construction.


CALL               TIME          MILES

WB6ADC             9:44 pm       21.6  (WINNER)
WA6DLQ & WA6PYE    9:05 pm       22.2            
N6ZHZ & KD6CYG     8:48 pm       22.4            
N6AIN & N6EKS      8:51 pm       24.1 
KD6LOR & Daughter 10:04 pm       UNF             

Thank you all for coming out.

We hope to see you all out on the All Day Hunt next month. We have a very promising and enjoyable hide for all.
Steve N6XFC