Fullerton Radio Club
July 20th 2002
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Greg KF6DBJ

The T was hidden at the South end of end of Isle Dr. on Treasure Island (slightly out of bounds) in Naples. T was a Kenwood 742 running 10 watts through a mag-mount antenna on my truck. I was looking forward to getting bounces across the channel and up the narrow streets for a slightly difficult end to a fairly easy hunt. Most hunters said the signal seemed horizontally polarized , possibly due to the aluminum rungs on my ladder on the rack next to the antenna, or possibly due to the bounces off the channels and up and down the narrow street. The "T Hunter's Lament" as it was coined unintentionally had some tones that seemed to mess with Mikes Doppler. Thanks to K6SNE for the photos and thanks all for attending.

*K0OV*            23.2     9.2    2.5
K6SNE             25.3     8.6    2.9
N6XFC             26.4     9.1    2.9
N6IDF/KF6GWV      28.9     9.1    3.2
KG6HPG/KG6JDU     26.6      ?      ?