July 19th 2003
Fullerton Hunt

K6SNE Hiding

The hiding place was located under the Broadway Street bridge. An area under the bridge is the parking lot for the Rancho Santiago College Operations Center. The transmitter was located in my Jeep, which was tucked into the concrete alcove that the bridge created. I was pointing a log periodic beam directly at the Discovery Science Center's huge cube solar array. I was running 1 watt and the sounds were courtesy of some wolves in a chorus howl. I had some stray dogs bark out my call sign as an ID.

The first three teams arrived within 30 seconds of one another. (rumor has it that they sat out of site in the parking lot and drew straws to see who would drive up first.)
The last team arrived shortly before 10pm.


TEAM                    Mileage        CF    Adjustment
N6XFC/N6MJN             10.1          9.1     1.10        Winner
N6ZHZ                   10.0          9.0     1.11
N6EKS                   10.3          9.1     1.13
N6IDF/KG6GWV            12.0
N6UZS/KG6CDT/KG6CDU     14.0 
K0OV/KO6IC/WB6UZZ       14.4

73! de K6SNE
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