July 18th, 1998 Fullerton Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Steve WA6PYE AND Vince WA6DLQ

Clark (WB6ADC) used this hiding place some months ago when it looked very different than it does today. Just north of Pathfinder and Just west of the frontage road on the west side of the 57 freeway was a small hilly area where Clark hid a micro "T" for a Pathfinder hunt.

Today the hills have been graded and the valleys filled in order to make roads and lot pads for houses. The pavement had not been poured yet but it was possible to access the hidden transmitter by standard passenger vehicle.

The transmitter was nestled a hillside with a KLM beam pointed at Mt. Baldy. Thanks for hunting.
Steve (WA6PYE) & Vince (WA6DLQ)

Now on to the standings:


CALL        TIME          MILES

K0OV        9:16PM        11.15  WINNER
KD6SNE      8:37PM        14.7
N6AIN       8:50PM        20.8
KF6GQ       9:16PM        21.8
WB6ADC      9:15PM        27.3
N6YKE       8:51PM        UNOFFICIAL
N6MJN       9:00PM        UNOFFICIAL