July 18th 2009
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Richard N6UZS

Salvation Army Church 10200 Pioneer Rd. Tustin .

This month I decided to hide back in the North Tustin area along Jamboree north of Portola. Hid just south of here 6 months ago during the Freeway Complex Fire but that hunt was poorly attended with just 2 hunters due to all the nasty smoke.

Tee was running 5 watts thru some lossy coax into a Larsen 5/8ths mag mount attached to some old metallic irrigation equipment in the back lot of the church. Polarization was horizontal for the hunt with the nulls running north-south up Jamboree and most of the signal was directed over towards all the windy, dead end roads in Lemon Heights. AIN and MJN took the bait and ended up with higher than usual mileage.

Jippy had some sort of failure with his Doppler which initially got him into the nearby hills but then pulled away into the direction of Costa Mesa.

Thanks for attending this month.

Calls           Miles
N6ZHZ           17.1  *WINNER!*
KG6LSE/KG6RQQ   23.1
N6AIN/WA6PYE    27.1
N6MJN           29.0
WB6JPI          DNF