Results of the June 21st, 97 Fullerton T-Hunt

Since all of the anguish from theprevious weeks hide, Steve and I decided to do a no-tricks hide, make it easy, and keep the T within the 100' limit to a driveable road. Sorry Jippy, we know that the only reason that you came out was to show those other T hunters how to find unfindable T's (see last weeks results). Thanks for the vote of confidence anyway. Anyway getting back to the hide, we hid at a location that others have hid before, but steve didn't know this at the time, but it was going to be okay, we were going to use a longer beam than anyone else had before, and bounce the signal off old Baldy. This was up near the Areo-Jet Bomb factory on Woodview Rd. In Chino Hills. We were running about 0.5 watts to a 15 element vertazontal polorized beam, aimed at Baldy. Nobody came the shortest way, which (thanks to Clarke) is 11.8 miles from the start. The shortest mileage was 20.70 put in by WA6DLQ/WA6PYE. Congrats guys. I think that Steve and I had better not win next month or someone might start getting suspicious. the order of the rest is as follows:

1.    WA6PYE/DLQ       20.70 WINNERS
2.    N6AIN/EKS        23.30  (first in at 8:56)
3.    WB6ADC/          29.00
4.    N6ZHZ            34.10
5.    KE6HPZ/WB6JDH    36.75
6.    KD6IFZ/KE6GIO    46.00
7.    WB6JPI           71.60 ???? Maybe

Note: JPI didn't know the boundry, sooo he went all the way to the mountains. (Have a nice trip Bob?)
Thanks to all those that came out, Don & Steve KF6GQ & KD6LAJ