June 21st 2014
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Dave N6MJN

40 watts, Ten element horizontal Yagi, pointed at Rose Hills toward the starting point in Fullerton
Location 34 01'57.24N 118 01'32.65W
Intersection of Workman Mill Rd & Workman Mill Rd & Pellissier Pl, in Whittier

sheet

Call               Time      Miles
N6AIN/WA6PYE       9:35	     32.7 
WA6CYY	           9:45      28.4
N6ZHZ/KK6JDC/Rob  10:00      30.2
AB6PA/KG6EEK      10:36      31.2

 Winner: WA6CYY !!!

PS. Signal was so strong along Turnbull Canyon Rd,
Hunters tried to drive over Rose Hills from Skyline Dr. off of
Turnbull Canyon Rd.