June 20th 2009
Fullerton Radio Culb
Transmitter Hunt

Thanks for the six teams that came out, We where hidden just south of the 10 freeway, just before Kellog Hill. The location was : N34.06779, W117.85617. On a dead end road.

I was running about 1.2538 watts, into a 4 element beam, hopefully pointed at Mt. Wilson. It took just over 1 hour for the first teams to come in, and just short of 2.5 hours for the last team. With Chrenshaw filtering the teams arrived with these miles.   

Calls                    Miles

N6UZS                     20.87 
N6AIN /WA6PYE/KD6LSE      21.87 
K0OV /WB2LRH              23.05 
N6MJN                     24.44 
N6ZHZ                     29.6 
WB6JPI                    47.0 

Winner is N6UZS with Crenshaw filtered 20.87