June 18th 2005
Fullerton Radio Club
T-Hunt Results

Hidders: Leonard KG6RQQ and Steve WA6PYE
Where the Transmitter was: Newport Beach, at the east end of Beacon Bay, south of Harbor Island Dr. north of Balboa island.The T was a 1 watt transmitter feeding a 1/4 wave magmount on top of Steve's Caddy


call/s          Time     Mileage
K6SNE / N6UZS   8:51 PM  26.24 Winner
N6AIN           9:06 PM  30.33
KF6GQ           9:11 PM  27.30
Mileages adjusted to true miles traveled with new crenshaw numbers.

Don signing in

Dave arives

Leonard Picks Don's Brain


Mike Protects his eyes from moonlight

Richar N6UZS

Richard's Sniffer

Leonard Thinking

What the Hell is that Don?

Don's Brain Squezer

Dave doesn't believe it

Joe K0OV Sleep Hunting

K0OV Vehicle