June 17th 2006
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter hunt

Hider: Steve WA6PYE
Hiding Place: The parking lot of the shopping center that replaced the old Hughes Aircraft  property in Fullerton.

Only 2 official hunters showed up at the start point.  Steve tried to pull a fast one at the finish. He had a fake antenna on the back of his caddy but the real T was in some bushes in front of the vehicle. Don and I figured it out..........NOT! 
I parked  in a parking space in  front of Steve and Don park beside him. My antenna pointed at Steve's Caddy and Don's pointed at my vehicle. We (Don and I) finally decided that Don must be getting a good reflection off a building in front of him. So we signed into the sign in sheet that was place under the fake antenna on the back of the caddy. Then Joe showed up with his sniffer. He found the REAL T in the bushes and had some kind of a comment  like " If that's the T over there what's this box over here".  Spoiled Steve's fun.


Calls     Time    Miles 
KF6GQ     8:27    8.3 
N6AIN     8:28    6.2  WINNER
K0OV      8:26    UNOFFICIAL 

Too bad more hunters didn't come out. 
Deryl N6AIN