May 21st 2011
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter hunt

Hider: Joe K0OV and April WA6OPS
Where: This was intended to be a Doppler-friendly hunt with a nice vertically-polarized signal. No Dopplers showed up, and apparently the signal wasn't as nice as I intended. April and I were in the parking structure on Victoria Street in Costa Mesa that's shared by College Hospital and The Crossing Church.

We tried to use the structure and the quad to keep hunters from coming down the 55 freeway. Dave and Bob took Harbor Boulevard all the way to Victoria and would have had perfect mileage except for some minor detours when the signal got very weak.

Team                        Odo
Calls                        Miles
N6MJN                   19.5
N6ZHZ                   21.5
N6AIN/WA6PYE   30.2

Joe Moell K0OV