May 22nd 2005

Fullerton Radio Club

Transmitter Hunt Results


Hider: WA6DWL (Dave)

The weather called for a warm sunny summer like day, just great for T-Hunting.  Unfortunately only three teams came out to hunt.  My son K6MJU (Mike) was enjoying his vacation in Paris, France, so I had to hide this one on my own.  At the last minute I convinced the wife, (Vicki) to come along provided I brought a DVD movie to watch on the computer while we were awaiting the hunters.  She was surprised when all three teams arrived around 9:00pm. 

The hiding place was just off the 71 Fwy at W. Phillips Dr. in Pomona.  We were up on the top of Storrs Pl. at the entrance gate to the water tank.   We were blocked from the starting point, but it took only 500 milliwatts and a 4 element yagi to attempt a bounce off of either Wilson or Baldy.  We chose Baldy.  Several hunters took the Fwy to the 10 before back-tracking on the 71.  We also had two jammer Squawk Box T's hidden on the east and west entrances to W. Phillip Dr, but it didn't seem to confuse any of the hunters. 

The mileage for two of the hunters were identical so it took Crenshaw factors to determine the winner.

 Here are the results:

Team Time Miles Crenshaw Units  
N6AIN/KG6RQQ 8:46pm 20.8 2.311 Winner
WA6PYE/N6MJN 8:47pm 20.8 2.337  
K6SNE 9:05pm 26.3 3.094