May 19th 2007
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ
I wanted a place that was as far from the start point (in the direction of my home) that I could get. I started looking along the 10 freeway near Baldwin Park. Off of Frazier, is a large community that has only one way into. So I set up under the power lines at the south edge of the 10 freeway, as the north bound 605 exits to the 10. I was running about 600mw. to my T-hunt antenna, pointed at the start point (I think).

I got reports from the start that I could be heard at that power level, so all was well. We had four teams come out on the hunt. N6AIN/WA6PYE, N6ZHZ, N6MJN, and K0OV/WB2LRH (tom).

The teams came in in this order:

K0OV/LRH with 20.2 miles @ 9:25 PM  WINNER
N6AIN/PYE with 25.1 miles @ 9:28 PM
N6MJN with 22.1 miles @ 9:38 PM
N6ZHZ with 30.1 miles @ 9:50 PM

Hope that the hunters had fun on the hunt and will come out next week. Thanks to the hunters that came out this week.