Fullerton Radio Club T-Hunt results - May 17, 2003

Hider - N6XFC

  I decided on Friday I wanted to hide in Carbon Canyon but had no idea where.  I arrived at Lambert & Carbon Canyon around 6 pm. I searched many places through the canyon and took many bearings back to the start point.  I looked at terrain and possible RF reflection points.  Well, as time went on my choices came down to 3 places.  The choice of location was in a housing track East of Western Hills Country Club on the Orange County border, the end of a street called High Vista LN. Nice quite spot behind a hill which shielded me from the start point and any signal down the canyon (I hoped).  I pointed my quad toward La Canada-Flintridge area with 5 watts.  The Quad was somewhat stuffed in a baby tree and not completely hidden but enough to make some hunters look for it.  The wind had picked up during the hunt and the quad was being blown around a little and I am sure that had some kind of affect of the signal.  I was a bit surprised that no one had found me by 9 pm.  I was approximately 12 road miles from the start point. Well I guess my strategy worked, GREAT!  The first team found me at 9:23 and 2nd team at 9:27.  The rest followed in at 9:35, 9:51 & 10:??

In the order of time in with miles listed.  No need for Crenshaw adjustment.

W6DFW, N6MXU 18.6  * Winner     Good Job!  First time  “WIN”


Leonard & Scott

 KD6LAJ, KF6QG 21.35
K6SNE   50.8
K0OV, WB6UZZ 20.0

  Thank you all for coming out and by the stories you all had fun!

 De Steve / N6XFC