Fullerton Radio Club
April 20th 2002
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders:Richard N6UZS

No Crenshaws figured in because none supplied. I will let K0OV figure that out if necessary. SAP/DEK team checked in at 10:45pm indicating they would not be making it to the tee. They spent several hours in the Cowan Heights area investigating some 20 plus dead end streets that did not go through to the Tustin Ranch side of the hill.

Tee location: Oak Grove Park, Pioneer Rd./Tustin Ranch Rd, Tustin Ranch Gear: 340 mw tee box with 4 elem. quad aiming right at the hills of Cowan Heights.

73 N6UZS.

N6XFC         20.1
N6IDF/KE6GWV  21.0 (new car, first hunt in 5 years, Doppler only!)
AE6DI/KG6USN  22.0 (hybrid gas/electric car)
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG  22.8
K6SNE         27.2 (Doppler)
KF6DBJ/KC6WGR 32.4 (Doppler)