April 19 2008
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

With an all-day on-foot hunt at Schabarum Park on April 19, followed by an
ARDF planning meeting, I figured that there wouldn't be any time to go into deep
hiding for the Fullerton hunt in the evening.  Fortunately, Jason KD6ICZ
volunteered to hide for us.  Everything looked good until Friday, when the
transmission went out on Jason's vehicle and he had to have it towed to the service

So after the ARDF meeting in La Puente, April and I headed up Hacienda to the
10 freeway.  We put the quad on the van on the second floor of a parking
garage next to the theater complex at The Plaza in West Covina, just south of the
boundary and east of Vincent Avenue.  It only took 400 milliwatts into the
quad to get a signal back to the starting point, so we hoped it was a Baldy

Deryl and Steve must have gotten the bounce, because they headed all the way
up the 57 and put on 33.5 miles.  Dave did better, getting off the 57 at Grand
and working his way to us.  He stopped just short of driving into the garage
with his quad.  Apparently Bob and Eusebio weren't fooled at all, because they
came up Hacienda and had nearly perfect mileage.


Team            Odo
Call            Miles
N6ZHZ/Eusebio   18.1   Winner!
N6MJN           19.8
N6AIN/WA6PYE    33.5
Joe K0OV