April 18th 2009
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Peter KG6LSE  and  KI6DGD

Where: In Peter's apartment in Walnut 

The Transmitter was running over 100 Watts into a small beam in Peters room.
 The sign in sheet was in a tree under the window of the apartment.


Calls               Time      Miles
N6AIN/WA6PYE        8:30 PM   15.2
N6MJN               8:36 PM   13.2  Winner
N6ZHZ               8:45 PM   14.3
N6UZS               8:55 PM   20.0
WB6JPI/N9DXI        9:12 PM   18.7
K0OV/WB2LRM         9:13 PM   18.3
Sorry Dave, you win again!