April 17th 2004
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter hunt

What a Day for Dave & I.  Early in the week it was discovered that we were going to have a little problem with hiding the T on Sat.  Dave had family issues and I had a Boy Scout Hike in riverside at 3 pm and unknown when I would be home. 

 So hears how it went.  Dave stuck at home I am out of the house and not able to put gear together.  I called Dave back and asked him to set his gear up so I could run by a pick it up. I am on my way to Dave's at 7:20 pm from my house.  I call Deryl on the way to Dave's and let him know that the T might be a little late on the air.  8 pm on the nose, I am in the parking lot of Denny's at 17th and Newport and they can hear a signal...  Great 100mw

I go sit inside Denny’s and wait.  8:40 pm Deryl / N6AIN and team show up.  A little while later Bob / N6ZHZ and team show up.  Bob has a great idea, the first un-official team to show up win's..  Well I think we were all sure that would not happen, so I agreed.  Guess what.. 20 min later KF6DBJ and his dad show up and I am told one or two others are looking. 

Joe, K0OV is going along with the switch of the 1st un-official teams wins.

 Ok Greg, you win and hide next months Fullerton Hunt,  May 15th.

 Winner  Greg / KF6DBJ

Steve / N6XFC

A little night vision in the parking lot of Denny's.