April 15th 2017
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt
Hiders:AB6PA, KG6EET and Ryan on his skateboard. 
Where: The transmitter was hidden at 33°41'2.70"N, 117°51'55.95"W just west of the Santa Ana (John Wayne) Airport.

Before the hunt began, a test was made to see if the signal could be heard at the starting point. The hider contacted one of the hunters via phone, and asked if the signal could be heard.  It could not.  The polarization was vertical from the antenna on the back of the car normally used by the hider for APRS. In increase in power was tried, but still no signal at the start point.  The hider then said he would try a different antenna.  Ta da, the signal could be heard from at the start point.   Unknown to the hunters, the hidden signal was now emanating from a horizontally polarized 3 element N6ZHZ antenna.  The resulting situation is that at least 2 of the hunters found the T while hunting vertically polarized.

It’s been said that it is not a sin to lie about signal strength, antenna polarization, and bearing information during a hunt, it’s all a part of the game. And, hunter’s and hider’s information given cannot be trusted.  Although the information given turned out to be misleading, was that really the fault of the hider for not telling about the change in polarization when he wasn’t asked?


Calls         Miles    Time
N6AIN/WA6PYE  28.1     2054
WA6CYY        31.8     2130
WB6JPI        DNF

The Winner is the team of Steve WA6PYE and Deryl N6AIN.