April 15th 2006
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Richard N6UZS
Hiding Place:
  Serrano Park, close to Serrano Road/Apache Creek in the Orange hills.

Since KF6GQ was unavailable for hiding duties this month I volunteered to hide for him. He loaned me one of his ammo can T's that put out 2.5 watts on a continous basis. I ran that into a 4 element Yellowjacket Quad that I aimed out east towards Pleasants Peak and Sierra Peak hoping for a bounce.

Monte KE6GQO arrived early at the start point to help me test my signal back to the start point. I was elated to learn he was getting anywhere from 75 deg to 110 deg. which made it appear I was up in Chino Hills State Park or the eastern flank of Anaheim Hills. After the hunters left the hill they were getting a direct signal for the most part but that northeasterly bounce off the Chino Hills was still readable.

First hunters to arrive just 2 miles and 3 minutes apart were KE6GQO / KK6KK and N6AIN / WA6PYE. GQO is declared the winner with 10.9 miles.

It was interesting to watch ICZ on the Edison Power road just 500 ft above us attempting to drive in. No access but LOTS of slippery and thick mud from what we saw on his truck when finally arrived.

Calls          Miles    Time
KE6GQO/KK6KK   10.9     8:30PM  **WINNER!**
N6AIN/WA6PYE   13.0     8:33PM
KD6ICZ         19.7     9:13PM
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG   23.5     9:17PM
W6DFW  DNF  Checked in at 10pm 
but he was still 6-7 miles away 
over by Ball Rd/57 in Anaheim. 
Having problems with new antenna.