March 21st 2009
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Joe K0OV and April WA6OPS

While the hunters were looking for us, April and I enjoyed an evening of shorebird watching in Newport Shores, not far from the end of 61st Street.  The hidden T ran about a watt into the long yagi at the south end of the canal.  The idea was use the canal as a waveguide to help light up the undeveloped area to the north.  That didn't work too well, because everyone said that their bearings were right on.  However, they also complained that the signal went from very strong to not heard throughout the hunt.  They accused me of varying power, which I would never do on a Fullerton hunt, of course.

Reported mileages:

Crenshaws didn't change the results.

Calls         Miles
KD6ICZ        23.0  Winner
N6AIN/WA6PYE  23.4
N6MJN         25.0
KG6LSE/Mom    29.7
N6UZS         37.55
N6ZHZ       Unofficial

Thanks for hunting!

Joe Moell K0OV