March 20th 2010
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Transmitter was hidden by Monte (KE6GQO) on Balboa Peninsula at the entrance of the parking lot at E Balboa Blvd and A St. We had seven teams with all seven finding the transmitter. The transmitter was an HTX 202 running roughly 1 watt of power into a homemade 5 element arrow shaft yagi.


KF6GQ -        25.0 Miles (Wanted to get of the house because his wife was
having her friends over for dinner)
N6MJN -        23.2 Miles (WINNER!)
N6AIN/WA6PYE - 24.5 Miles
K0OV/WB2LRH -  26.5 Miles
N6ZHZ -        31.4 Miles
N6LN -         39.0 Miles
KI6LYZ -       38.0 Miles (First time hunting w/this group!)

Monte Variakojis KE6GQO