March 19th 2016
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders were Bill KG6EEK and Glenn AB6PA
Out of forgetfulness I lied to everyone last night about the power output.  On that particular radio (read internal battery kaput) when external power is removed, it reverts back to full power out the next time you turn it on.  The first time I applied power to it I dialed it back to 5 watts, but I neglected to do so just before hunt.  So it was putting out 35 watts into the multi element beam from the start.  We could say I did it on purpose so everyone could get a good test of their attenuator, but now we know that’s not the case.

The coordinates for the hide were 33⁰37’50.03”N, 117⁰53’7.98”W on Back Bay drive in what I believe to be Newport Beach

Calls                            Time          Miles
N6MJN                            20:33        Started from from home
N6ZHZ                            21:17        37.2 mi.
N6AIN, WA6PYE and Teddy (K9DOG)  21:22        24.8 mi
WA6CYY                           21:37        21.8 mi
The winner is Ron WA6CYY by 3 miles.

73, Glenn (AB6PA)