March 19th 2005
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

The forecast called for wet weather, so April and I needed a hiding place
that wouldn't require setting up a beam and rolling out coax in the rain.  I
found it at the end of Meadowridge Street in east Anaheim.  We were shielded from
the start point and had a great shot to the northeast through an apartment
complex and across the freeway.  With any luck, the signal would bounce off the
Chino Hills and divert the hunters to the north side of the freeway.

It only took 50 milliwatts and a 4-element quad to do the bounce, but the
hunters have become too clever to be outsmarted for long.  Except for a few
blocks of extra mileage around Savi Ranch and the apartments, everyone figured out
the trick and found us before the late-night teenagers had taken all the
tables at Denney's.

Team           Odo        Crenshaw
Calls          Miles      Units
N6AIN/KG6RQQ   13.05      1.5353
K6SNE/KG6YFS   14.20      1.6706
N6MJN/WA6PYE   14.75      1.7151

Welcome to first time ridealong Raul Mendez KG6YFS, a musician in many
groups.  One is the Placentia Symphonic Band, where April WA6OPS also plays.

Joe K0OV