March 17th 2007
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

I went out Sat morning to locate a fine spot. Now since I only have a 5 mw. Transmitter, that is capable of continuous transmissions, I needed to find a spot that had a clear shot to the start point. I located a spot at the end of Punta del Este Dr. near Skyline Dr. It had a clear shot to the start. Also since my wife KA6TAS was also a winner, I needed a place to bring the dogs to be able to run around. So after all the bad publicity of the hunt, we actually got six official and one unofficial hunters (a recent record). We had six teams find us before the stop time at 11:00pm.

The results as follows:

N6MJN                   12.9 miles and in at 8:50 was a bit earlier. 
WB6JPI                  18.6                 8:50 
N6ZHZ/CYG               35.0                 9:27 
KA6UDZ/Kim              21.0                 9:28 Doppler only
K6OV unofficial                             10:15 
N6AIN/PYE               39.7                10:20 
W6DFW was a             DNF              at 10:35 

Good to see Scott, KA6UDZ and Kim out, Scott has been on many of on foot hunts and does very well on those. I haven't seen him on a mobile hunt for many years. Thanks to all that came out.
from KA6TAS & KF6GQ.
Oh! The winner of the March Fullerton hunt and the hider of the April is Dave N6MJN.