February 20th 2010
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: N6UZS Richard
Tee was hidden at the dead end of Aviemore Street in Yorba Linda overlooking a sports park and right under some high tension lines which I tried to load up without too much success. Tee was running 1 watt into a quarter wave spike sitting horizontal on the car trunk. Was having some wiring problems with the radio so a short hunt was inevitable. Next time I will bring a stripping tool or an X-Acto knife!
Monte KE6GQO did very well on this hunt by coming in from the South, parking at the sports park, and walking his mileage in which saved him about 2.5-3 miles.

Now for the results:

Call                      Miles/Time 
Monte KE6GQO/guest         8.6/8:55 **WINNER, Hides in March**
Dave N6MJN                11.0/8:48
Bob N6ZHZ/Guest           12.3/9:10
Deryl N6AIN/Steve WA6PYE  14.3/8:50

*K0OV had to drop due to car battery failure*
Thank you for your attendance which is the best I've seen in months!
73 n6uzs