Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt
Saturday February 18th 2006

Hider: Mike K6SNE
As promised, I presented myself for ridicule and punishment for last month's hide. Fortunately for me the pizzas at the end of the hunt kept the ridicule down to a minimum.

The primary transmitter was located in my garage, sitting on the rear bumper of my dead Jeep. About 90 seconds into the hunt it died....it's battery had gassed out. Plan B, run around the garage looking for something to put on the air. Found my stand-by transmitter box...which strangely resembled my dead Jeep....and put it on the air. Everyone eventually found the T. Afterward we all stood around the portable camp fire and acted like a bunch of hams.

RESULTS in order of arrival

Calls                   Mileage
N6IDF/KG6GWV/& Ronan    12.0 
WA6PYE/N6MJN             8.4...WINNERS!
N6ZHZ                   48.7
KD6ICZ                  14.9
KF6GQ                   17.2
KG6RQQ/KG6LSE           21.0
K0OV/KO6IC              11.95

73! and thanks for coming out