February 18th Fullerton Transmitter Hunt

Hider: N6MJN





















Talked in

Another last minute decision as to where to hide. It's 6:00pm Saturday evening, I'm sitting in the lounge chair at home watching the weather channel thinking to myself "it's time to go and hide the Fullerton ARC 'T'". Earlier in the day I was out in the yard testing my 15-element two-meter antenna and found that it had an unusual high SWR "Oh boy, can't use this antenna on the hide tonight". So I called XFC to borrow an antenna equivalent to the one I have. 3:30pm, I called XFC cell phone and he just left home with the kids to go shopping and he won't be home for a couple of hours "Oh boy again, Now what do I do!". Ok, so I wait. So I get the antenna I need to fill out the equipment I require for a hide. It's now 7:00pm and leaving XFC residence. The first thing that pops into my mind is Rose Hills (Workman Mill road & Peek road) that is always a great location for a reflection off of Mount Baldy. It's been some time since I have used that location and there are some new hunters that have not had that experience of a mount Baldy bounce from Rose Hills into the Fullerton start point. 7:30pm I arrive at the hiding location Workman Mill & Peck road, I setup the 15 element antenna and radio tuning to 146.565 and setting the power to low power (1/2 watt) on the Icom 02AT. 7:55pm I turn on the 'T' not knowing if they can here it, I just let it go. The initial bearing from the start (as reported from the hunters) pointed at Mount Baldy "perfect". That lead SNE to head out east on the 91 freeway thinking I was east of the Chino Hills "Sorry Mike". Of course the experienced hunters caught on right away as to what I was doing DLQ, OV, ADC, AIN heard a signal off toward Mount Wilson after going north about a mile (5 to 10 minutes into the hunt). PYE said that there was one bearing off toward his left (west) going north on the 57 freeway at Toner Canyon, that got the team of DLQ/PYE to head west on the 60 fwy. and right into the hidden-T arriving around 8:30. N6AIN started to take the short route of Whittier Blvd. but then headed north on Hacienda Blvd. over the hill past the 60 fwy. and almost to the 10 fwy., following the bounce before getting the direct signal from the hidden-T and heading back to Rose Hills area. WB6ADC/N6UZS followed N6AIN route but only went north on Hacienda Blvd. to Valley Blvd. before turning around back towards Rose Hills. Joe (K0OV) would never say exactly where he and Tom (WB6UZZ) went (even asking several times what roads he traveled) but he mumbled something about Whittier Blvd. and Turnbull Canyon. K6SNE went out east on the 91 fwy. hearing only the signal off of Mount Baldy went north on highway 71. Mike said there was nothing but the reflection off of Mount Baldy in the Chino Hills and that I must be in the Rose Hills area bouncing off of Mount Baldy. All-in-All it was good evening for all that participated. Given the fact that I hidden in the same loaction with the same setup a couple of years ago, no one hunter took the same route that they did several years earlier.