Fullerton Radio Club
February 16th 2002
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: N6AIN, WA6PYE, N6EKS

The T was located at the top of Turnbull Canyon in Hacienda Heights, just east of Skyline on the south side of the street. From where the T was siting you can see the start point.
I had the T on low power but something was wrong. It was putting out microwatts and couldn't be heard at the start point. Fortunately I had a second T that worked. But it had no low power setting so some of the hunters had to use attenuation at the start point.

Time Miles/CF Place
9:26 15.35/1.67 1ST  *
N6XFC/N6MJN 8.50 15.30/1.68 2ND *
K6SNE 9:11 17.30 3RD
KG6AUR 11:00 28.00 4TH
* Winner determined by Crenshaw Factors