January 19th 2008
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Joe K0OV, April WA6OPS and Tom WB2LRH

After the big buildup I was surprised that only two of the regulars showed up 
to hunt us on January 19.  With help from April WA6OPS and Tom WB2LRH, I put
the antenna along a walkway of Deer Canyon Preserve Park in Anaheim Hills. 
The transmitter was a hundred feet from Hidden Oaks Road next to a park
entrance.  The long horizontal yagi was aimed to light up the other end of the canyon,
along Canyon Rim Road.  With only about a quarter watt, there was enough
signal at the start but it apparently disappeared as hunters left the hill. 
Perhaps that's why Deryl reported that he and his ridealongs went to Santiago
Canyon Road.  Dave did much better, but he also put on an extra mile or two due to
the bounce.

Team                         Odo
Calls                        Miles
N6MJN                        14.5
Winner Dave N6MJN
Deryl says there may have been at least one other team that tried to hunt,
but nobody answered when we shut down about 10 PM. Thanks to those
who came out.
73, Joe K0OV