Results Of The January 17th, 1998 Fullerton T-Hunt

Hiders: Steve N6XFC and Dave N6MJN

Nobody had problems hearing the signal on the January FRC T-hunt. N6MJN and N6XFC used a long beam and 80 watts to blast RF toward the hunters from a parking lot next to the 405 freeway fence, east of Bristol near South Coast Plaza. But there wasn't a clear shot to the starting point. Tall buildings in the way and nearby did a billiard-ball number on the signal. This confused several teams, sending them south of the 405 or elsewhere among the signal bounces. The first and second place teams minimized mileage by parking when the signal got very strong and walking in.

WB6ADC and N6UZS were helped by visitor Ralph Fowler N4NEQ, who brought his laptop equipped with APRSa4, which is the latest addition to the APRS program lineup. APRSa4 utilizes DeLorme Street Atlas maps to give the best detail of any APRS program. Ralph entered the quad readings given to him by Clarke and Richard, and the laptop displayed his position and the line of bearing.

Ralph intended to beacon their position and bearings for the world to see in real time via packet and the Internet, but something went wrong and the beaconing didn't take place.

                    Odo    Crenshaw
Team                Miles  Units
WB6ADC/N6UZS/N4NEQ  15.8   1.7556
K0OV/WB6UZZ         17.3   1.8804
N6AN/N6EKS          20.75  2.2554
WA6DLQ/WA6PYE       23.1   2.4839
KF6GQ               23.4   2.4894
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG        24.5   2.6344
KD6SNE              28.3     ?

73 de Joe K0OV