January 17th 2009
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt
Hider: Richard N6UZS

The Tee was hidden at dead end of Hollow Oak Road and Creekview Lane in
Anaheim Hills near the Deer Canyon Nature Preserve trailhead.

K0OV hid here a couple years ago using 500 ft. of coax down to the antenna in the canyon.

Due to transmitter problems we ended up using a Kenwood mobile with 10+
watts into a small quad. Reflections were reported and as expected the OV
and AIN teams searched feverishly on the west side of the canyon up on
Mohler Drive.


Calls                Miles   Time
WB6JPI               14.5    8:40 pm **Winner**
N6MJN                15.1    8:55 pm
K0OV/WB2LRH          19.05   9:19 pm
KE6GQO               27.0    9:28 pm
N6AIN/KG6LSE/WA6PYE  36.1    9:30 pm