January 15th 2005
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Joe K0OV and April WA6OPS

When April and I promised something different for the January FRC T-hunt, perhaps the hunters were expecting the T to be floating down the Santa Ana River.  Actually, we were high and dry at Fountain Valley Hospital.  Hunters who tracked the weak signal to Euclid and Warner were greeted by two quarter-watt jammer-T's, just to make things more interesting. They were about 100' NW and SE of the real T, and 5 KHz higher.  Careful hunters could drive between them in front of the main hospital entrance and find a sweet spot to get bearings on the real T. Then they got out, sniffed their way to an ammo-can and vertical whip under a bush just south of the MRI center near the front entrance, and signed in. But this was a decoy 400 milliwatt transmitter, 600 KHz down. The 146.565 signal was actually coming from beyond that spot. The real 1.25-watt T and its horizontal wire antenna (woven into another bush) were on the back side of the MRI building, just south of the front door of the hospital.

Decoy T    Deryl at real T


Calls         Miles  CF   CU's
K6SNE         16.6   8.5  1.9529
N6AIN/WA6PYE  17.8   9.0  1.9778
N6MJN         21.8   8.6  2.5349
W6DFW/KG6FWH  62.3

Thanks to April for arranging this location, and also to Sergio Corona and his fine hospital security staff members. They enjoyed the festivities as much as (maybe more than) the hunters. 73,
Joe K0OV