Deryl's Story of The

May 31st. FFA Hunt


I Left home at 7:25 AM. Arrive in the area an hour and ˝ later. I looked around for hiding places for a while, and then I hear a WB6JPI T running. I called Jippy and he said he was at someplace called “Tom’s No. 1. World Famous”…Funny I never heard of it. It was right in front of me so went in and had breakfast with Bob.

After breakfast we leave to start hiding Ts. Jippy goes west so I decide to go else where. I end up south and east. Find a place behind a new housing area on a dirt road. Put T1 behind a stump. Drive back towards where I am now hearing lots of Ts. Sound’s like Don has some out and N6IDF. Finely find a place off Sycamore Canyon Rd. near where Jippy has hid one. Now to start hunting.

Ts I found:

Jippy’s T 7, Talking T, and T by Power station

KF6GQ/LAJ T2 high on side of hill, LAJ T at Cell site, near railroad, and one in trees beside Chicago near Central Ave.

N6IDF T at creak on way to LAJ T at Cell site, T on hill near abandon Water Heater (almost ran into it), and Talking T down the hill form GQ hill side T.

Found 9 Ts total. N6IDF/KF6GWV was the only team to find my 2 Ts.
Deryl N6AIN