December 30th 2006
The WWNIATT results are pretty simple.  WB6JPI and team were the only ones to come out.  We hid the main T at Blue Ridge summet, about 50 ft. off the turnuot that looks towards the south.  T2 was at Steve Ostrander's house  K6OST and that was about 3 miles west of the 15 fwy off of Mojave Drive in Victorville.  T3 was right up in the rocks about 1/4 mile north of what used to be Peggy Sue's (now "Taco Chon") restaurant off Stoddard Wells Road in Apple Valley.  Bob and team only signed into T1 (107 miles -- they'd gone up Hwy 2 in La Canada) and while they did find the other two Ts for a total of 3 Ts, they were too embarrassed to give us their mileage.  We know they were there as we saw them find each of the other Ts.

Bob N6ZHZ and Cathy KD6CYG