December 29th
Free For All
Transmitter Hunt

N6MI Scott's T: On Saturday's free for all, I hid one transmitter for N6AIN (T-2) in Vista Park in Fullerton (near the intersection of State College and Bastanchury). This was just off the horse trail, between the tee on a golf course and an old oil pump. 1. N6MJN/N6XFC 10:45 AM 2. KF6GQ 11:53 AM 3. N6AIN 11:00 AM Sunday Bob Cathy's T Was in a field on Alamo Street,Riverside 1. N6MJN/N6XFC 11:35 AM 2. N6MI 1:13 PM

KF6GQ's Ts:
I hid on the Clam Shell walk way above Monrovia. The entrance is a little hard to find, because it look's like a driveway entrance. There was two transmitters one running about 3 watts this was about 1/4 mile up the path. 300 yards up the road was a mini T signing as "Snake".

1. N6MJN/N6XFC 2:20 PM 2. N6ZHZ/KD6CY 3:30 PM 3. N6MI 3:46 PM Deryl's T: No.1 Mullholland Dr. and Stone Canyon Rd. 1. N6MJN/N6XFC 7:15 PM 2. N6MI 7:16 PM No.2 At Apartment with cookies 1. N6MJN/N6XFC 5:04 PM 2. N6MI 5:15 PM

Winners: Dave N6MJN and Steve N6XFC