June 29th 2002
Free For All
Transmitter Hunt

Don's Story

3 T's hidden. 1 mini T with 1/4 whip in a small canyon on the east side of Frazier Park, I think it was on FR 9N01, at the stream crossing (dry) N34 49.469 W118 56.208.
The second was a 3watt into a J-Pole This was located on the west side of Frazier Park. Placed on the beginning of a motorcycle trail. On SA map it is called West End Road. Exact location was N34 49.842 W118 58.347
The third was a Mini T with the ID of Snake, and it was located on the road to Mt. Pinos. On the north side is a Jeep road (FR 9N22), I hid it about 1/4 mile up the road up in a tree. This T could be heard all over. Exact location was N34 50.684 W119 04.141.
I found 4 T's hidden by other hunters.

Steve KD6LAJ was not able to attend this event, so I was left to hunt by myself. On the way up to Gorman I was thinking that this day has got to be the best weather for a T hunt! Sun was out the temperature was 79 degrees, couldn't be better.

Got to Gorman at 8:52:13am, and found no signal on the air for the breakfast. Made a call and N6MI said the restaurant was going to be McD's. Got over there and met N6AIN driving in. The three of us talked over some ideas about the day. The rest of the troops showed up in a few minutes.

I left the restaurant to start hiding my T's at about 9:50:37am. I was going to hide at least one T over by Lebec, but could find no suitable places. So I headed for Lockwood Valley.

On the way I heard JPI T? coming in loud and clear, so I decided to go for it and hide my T's on the way. I hid Two T's in the Frazier Park area and the last one off the road to Mt. Pinos. The T was in & out on the way to the top on the mountain. I could clearly hear other T's now coming on.

When I got to the parking lot on the top, I found that the battery in my sniffer was dead! So I had to go to plan #2, which was to use an offset attenuator with my hand held. I never really liked this technique, because it never seemed to work well for me.

Well, while messing around with all of this stuff, a hiker (Greg) came over and started asking many questions. So I told him what was happening and asked if he wanted to tag along. He said yes, "it looked like fun".

To make a long story short, I found the area okay, but I couldn't zero in on the T because the S-meter was pegged! Greg asked what would it look like? I told him the possibilities and a few minutes later he yelled "oh! There it is!" then he shut up. He wasn't going to tell me where it was. I asked him what it looked liked, and he told me it was an ammo can. Okay, now I didn't need to look in the trees, soon I found it, when I stopped looking into the sun and was able to see the ground. So we both signed into the T. Greg is going to check our web page to see the results. Thanks Greg for your help.

Next T to find was a strong T coming at about 123.3 degrees from the first turnout on the way down the hill. Later at a spot down on the flats I took another bearing and it was 179.3. These crossed on the NW side of Lockwood Valley road, about 1.56 miles south of Cuddy Valley Rd. It was here that I met Jippy, and he told me that he could only hear one of his transmitters going, and one of them was back up on Mt. Pinos! Well I wasn't going back up there! So I left for the T that was quite strong. Going down Lockwood Valley Rd.

I found that my bearing wasn't quite right, because the signal was on the SE side of the road. I went up and down a section of the road three times, trying to figure out how far back the signal was. My map did not show any roads in the direction of the signal. So I turned on my computer map with the GPS and it showed that there was an invisible road off Lockwood Valley Rd. It is called Lockwood Creek Trail. In about a mile was a RJN T (first to sign in).

On the way out I met N6AIN coming in. I had to pull off the road to let Deryl pass. Just then two motorcycles came by and stopped. It turns out that one of them was a ham & knew Deryl. We talked a bit and then Deryl went off to find the T. As it turned out, they also knew an old friend of mine that I used to ride with. Well back to the hunt.

My next effort was going to be the many T's I thought that where going to be up on top of Frazier Mt. I stopped at the Chuchupate Ranger Station when I saw a T hunter car there. It was Jippy again.

I just happened to look up at my quad and noticed that it had no reflector! So that's why the signals always seemed to be in back of me. Just kidding, now they where but I hadn't taking any bearing since finding RJN's T. So Jippy and I tried to figure a way that I could restore my antenna to something that might work. I finally found A piece of zip cord and re-strung the reflector?? Then both Jippy and I headed up to the wonders of Frazier Mt.

When I got to the top I could hear 37 different transmitters, all coming on at the same time. I counted at least 11 transmitters that had to be on the top! So now to find them. Oh! By the way, on the trip up to the top, my analog S-meter was bumped around sooo much that it froze on S2. So much for being able to read the S-meter while under way. So now I had to stop and look at my tiny S-meter in the radio, everytime I need to get a bearing.

While I was trying to get a bearing on a very strong signal, here comes Jippy back down the road (he had passed the T and was coming back. Together we tracked down the T. It was another RJN T. Now to get the next 10 T's.

The next two hours are sometime known as the Twilight Zone. Back and forth over the same roads several times looking for something that isn't there. While looking for a very strong T we (Jippy and I where somewhat together at this time) passed a strong T (not the one we where looking for). We found another RJN T (thanks Doug without your T's I would have only found one!).

Then back to hunting the elusive T. Went to the microwave site at the top (where the signal seemed to be coming from) and found nothing. Jippy went back to where we heard it before and I took a trail down to the place we got a bearing from, wrong!!! The trail had many low branches and took out my antenna again! In the end the only element that wasn't affected was the driven element. So it now was time to go get some feed so I quit and Jippy soon after. A great thunting day!!!!

The Sign in Sheets
Snake T
WB6JPI 13:15
WB6RJN 13:55
N6AIN 14:45

J-pole T
WB6RJN 14:43
N6MI 17:06

Mini T
N6MI 14:37
Bob's Story

It was a cold cold day on the ice-covered plains of Antarctica when I hid my three transmitters. The snow was gently falling and the penguins were napping under the cactus. The first and most found was T2, located at the top if Mt Pinos just off the parking lot. 3 watt, AF6O box into a horizontal dipole 6 ft in a tree. I carefully programmed it to come on at 10AM as I was hiding it at 9 AM, but it came on at 9AM and I left it running during breakfast. It was found by:

A total stranger named Greg whose nose was a
better sniffer than KF6GQ's fancy equipment at 11:55 
WA6RJN at 1:13 
N6AIN at 3:44 
NVW/UZS at 4:00

My second transmitter was also located on Mt. Pinos, but down the hill about 2 miles on 8N05, the great antenna eating road. 10 elements horizontally polarized pointed directly at Mt Frazier across Lockwood valley. I had left the transmitter on the southside of a big bush (the antenna was in the bush) and it got quite hot and was running 8.5 KHz low. At about 4PM three campers set up their tent and moved in, in front of the bush some 4 ft from the transmitter. They claimed that two hunters drove by on 8N05 but didn't stop. Now I know this transmitter was heard by a lot of hunters that found T2 on the top of Pinos as you could not hear the one on top on the way up to the top, but you could really hear this one all the way up from the lower snow gate.

Only N6AIN signed in at 3:14.

The third transmitter was hidden on the old ridge route (now a forest hwy.) in a turnout. It was a 100 mw PICON into a 4 element horizontal beam point at Frazier from the ESE. I put this transmitter in place at around 10:30AM and at that time many of the transmitters were running. From this altitude and view of the Gorman area, I could hear 6-10 transmitters all blatting away. One seemed to be louder and I did sniff a little from the 4Runner, but I didn't think it was loud enough to be serious and stuck this transmitter in place. It was IDing T1. As it turns out, my transmitter was 40 ft from the NVW/UZS transmitter and I had walked within 2 ft of it in my inspection of the area. I didn't find it. During the pickup time after dark, I arrived to find NVW/UZS and RJN hunting for the now souped up UZS transmitter. I suggested that they might seek my transmitter also and RJN did find it. So NVW/UZS and I both hid within 40 ft of each other and neither of us found the other transmitter.
It was found earlier by Scott who found both transmitters.

N6MI at 12:36 
WA6RJN at around 8:30

I didn't do well hunting...found "snake" and several RJN boxes, but spent most of the day wondering around Mt. Frazier watching Don KF6GQ break his equipment. Jippy

Deryl's Story

I hid 3 transmitters. T1 was an AF6O box that was set to come on at 10:50 AM. It was on the north side of Gorman Post Rd. 1/2 between Gorman and the Junction of 138.

T2 was a MBR box placed near a gate at the end of a dirt road running up from Gorman Post Road coming north west out of Gorman on the north east side of I 5. The pavement ends about 1/3 of a mile from a Sheriffs Station. The dirt road goes up to the Right another 1/2 mile or so to the gate.

T3 was on the Peace Valley Road about 1/2 mile south east of Gorman on the south west side of I5, close to some kind of treatment facilities tank. It was a MBR box.

I left home around 7:15 AM. Drove up I 5 and got off at Quail Lake Rd. which runs into 138. After about 2 miles I turned on to Gorman Post road and started looking for a place to put the AF6O box, the only one with a working timer so I could set it out before going to breakfast with the gang. At a high spot where I could see into Gorman and the I5 there was a turnout, good spot. I put it on the side of the hill under an ugly bush. It did come on at exactly 10:50 AM.

Now in to Gorman to see if anyone had shown up yet. No one yet but it's about 15 minutes early. I decide to go over the hill to Frazier to see if maybe Scott was over there. No one there either, but I can hear a WB6JPI T off to the west. Back to Gorman.

As I come over the summit I hear Don calling fore someone. Scott answers and says McD's is the restaurant. That's in sight now. I hear Richard calling, saying they will be there in about 30 minutes. When I drive in I see Don and Scott. We go in and have egg Mc what ever.

After breakfast I leave and see Don turn north so I go southeast on Peace Valley road and put out T3. Then back through Gorman to put out T2. Now it's time to start hunting.

Don had said something about Hungry Valley "not a good place to hide or something about paying if you stop anywhere" so I go to Gold Hill Rd to see if he was not being truthful. Drive all the way through to Hungry Valley road and out to I5. NOTHING!

It's about time for my T1 to come on. Right on schedule it starts. I now hear several more Ts on the air. One of Scott's looks like it's in the same place as my T3. Sure enough as I drive up Gorman Post road again, it's pointing across to about the same area. I drive over their and it's a little farther beyond my T, hanging in a small tree up a short dirt path to the right.

While driving up Gorman Post road I had heard a " KF6GQ T2" very strong, pointing in front of me, so after finding Scott's T I start after it.

Up over the summit to Frazier Park again. Now I couldn't hear " KF6GQ T2" but there was a "KF6GQ E". Strange? On Cuddy Valley Rd and it was strong in front, now there's a "KF6GQ T3" behind me. Now T E is to the right, now to the left, now I am sure it's up on Frazier Mtn. Ignoring any thing else I am going up there to get it.

On the way up Frazier Mtn I pass WA6RJN on the way down. He says they found nothing up there. Sure a typical T hunter fib. On up I go.

Now I start hearing lots of things, KF6GQ snake T, WB6JPI T2, another WB6JPI T, all in the direction towards Pinos Mtn.

What's this, a WA6RJN T and it's in front of me. Up, up I go. Now it's really strong and to my left. Almost a UR there. I pull into a campsite and get out and sniff. Fond it,

But now I hear another RJN T. It looks like it's on the left fork where the sign says something about fire wood cutting. On I go. Now it's strong but doesn't seam UR there. Now it's behind me. I back up. Now it's in front and to the left. Must be small T and just over the rise. I get out and sniff it out.

No to find the KF6GQ E T. It's week and all over the place. Maybe it is at the microwave tower. Back to the fork in the road and to the microwave towers. NOTHING! This is BAD. Where the hell is it.

Back down the hill I start hearing another RJN T. It seams to be at the bottom of the mountain. At Lockwood Valley road I go left. In a very short time It's to my left again and a good signal. There's Don parked looking at maps. There is a dirt road just in front of me so I try to go in there but it's to ruff and going the wrong direction. I go back out to Lockwood Valley road and back north. Don has disappeared. Now the signal is moving fast as I drive past so it can't be too far in there. There's a pickup in there. "How do I get to that road" I thing as I pass this noting dirt path? In I go.

It's going the right direction this time, past the pickup and other vehicles. Here come Don back out and 2 motor cycles. One stops to talk to Don who has pulled off to one side to let me by. The motor cycle rider looks at me hollers "Deryl" and comes over. It's an old friend, Scott Fraser, KN6F. We chat for a while and then on I go up a rocky path, (That's all it looked like) and finely find the third RJN T.

Now back out to Cuddy Valley Rd and towards Pinos Mtn. All of a sudden the KF6GQ Snake T is Very strong and behind me. I turn around and go into dirt road on the north side. In a short distance I fine it hanging in a tree.

On to Pinos I go. About 5 miles up the mountain I see a dirt road off to the left. I remember that Jippy hid a T out on that road on a previous hunt so I take a chance and turn on it. Sure enough it's right at the same place as before.

Back out to the paved road and up to the parking lot at the end. JPI T2 is a UR there signal. I go up the dirt road to the closed gate and get out and sniff. Got it.

It's getting late and I think I will go see if there are any new Ts running around the Gorman area. I have given up on the KF6GQ E T; witch is now IDing KF6GQ T2 again. Strange thing Don. I drive right past them and over to Gorman.

I hear another T that seams to be south and east. Maybe up on the old Ridge Route road. I head out that way and start up from Quail Lake but it's almost 5:00 PM and I really can't hear anything new now. I go back to Frazier Park, picking up my Ts on the way. I like these Free For Alls!

No one found it
N6MI 11:57 AM
WA6RJN 4:41 PM
WA6RJN 5:09 PM
Wayne KB6NYW and Richard N6UZS Story

Only hunters who found our tee were N6MI at 12:36pm, WA6RJN at 9:54pm, and WB6JPI at 10pm. We found a total of 3 tees, 2 of RJN's on top of Frazier and 1 of JPI's on Pinos. Here's the rest of the story:

First off we should change the name of this hunt to "Dust For All!" So much dust everywhere in the car, on the car, on me, and a thick layer on the S-meter which made hunting a little difficult.

We hid just 1 tee about 8:30am up on the Old Ridge Route about 3.8 miles south of the 138 and N2 on a turnout and about 1 mile southeast of Bald Mtn. Tee was 5mw GQ box on a ducky antenna which could be heard S3 at the repeater site on Frazier Mtn and maybe on Mt. Pinos but not too well in other places. Bald Mtn. shielded it from the I-5 and Gorman area.

After a lovely meal at Le Golden Arches we plotted our first tee north up the freeway. Between Gorman exit and Frazier Mtn Rd. it was really strong but once we exited it was gone. It appeared to be UP in the mountains but I understand it wasn't too far from the McDonald's. Oh well.

Headed up Frazier Mtn Rd. and heard strong JPI tees coming from Pinos but at Lake of the Woods/Lockwood Valley Rd. turnoff those signals turned to the south it appeared.

Reached the repeater site on Frazier and tried to inventory every tee we could hear but all the doubling and tripling made that impossible. On the way up at Chuchupete Station we got some Los Padres Forest Service maps which confused us even more. Note to N6MI: In the future need to buy up all maps of local area using old AF6O trick.

Near the top of Frazier we started hearing new tees we hadn't heard on the way up including GQ Snake Tee which appeared to be near the intersection of the Arrasta Trail/8N24/8N04. Figured that was down below somewhere and drove past one of RJN's boxes at 8N04/8N24 and continued east down to the supposed "Dead End in 5 miles." Noticed one of the U-bolts on antenna lost its nuts and a spring. Made repairs and ran into AIN going the other way. Black electrical tape really works miracles!

After driving past RJN's first box on Arrasta Trail 3 times about 3 miles north of Frazier Mtn. at 7800 ft. we finally located it about 200 feet from the road. It wasn't on the first time, had 50 db in the 2nd time, and I finally convinced NYW it was definitely there the 3rd time.

Back at 8N24/8N04, 1 mile north of Frazier we stopped for lunch and noticed another strong RJN box in a meadow. Had some difficulty pinning down the final bearing which appeared to be 45 deg wide. Not being an expert code reader I caught the "N" and thought this was an AIN box. Knowing he used to have his "green plant tee" I started searching for that to no avail. heh!

Got some good headings on JPI's "booper" tees towards Pinos. Ran into JPI and GQ and lied our way down the mountain. JPI's ominous warning that our 8 foot antenna "will not make it to my tees" held true later on.

Back at Lockwood Valley Rd/8N04 we heard another RJN box to the southwest. Went south heading for the easterly access to Pinos but found locked gates. Drove past RJN's box twice off Lockwood Valley Rd. and never found it. Went back north to Frazier Mtn Rd/Lockwood Valley intersection and listened for any boxes north toward the Tecuya Trails. Nothing heard.

Made it to top of Pinos. Heard a particular box with the most annoying high pitch around on the way up but never found it. Got the JPI box at the summit of Pinos. Took a bit of sniffing since we maxed out of attenuation about 500 ft. from the tee. Attempted to get a cell phone signal from there to no avail. Note to AT&T: Need coverage on Pinos for future hunts.

On the way down Pinos that high pitcher tee and the 2nd JPI box were strong off to the southeast towards Seymour Creek. Around Pinos or McDill campgrounds we found a long dirt road that wound down about 6-7 miles. We believe this is the road that JPI was hiding on because we shaved the bottoms off about 10 low hangers with our super strong yagi. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to us the mast was slowly breaking apart with each tree hit.

Sure enough after reaching the bottom of Seymour Creek Trail we had to turn around due to locked gates. The antenna and mast hit it's FINAL TREE and the aluminum part of the mast snapped in 3 places and the super strong yagi nosedived right into the truck roof. Ouch! The mast is your basic aluminum and fiberglass painting pole. After that my hunting spirit drained all away and we headed back to the Flying J in Gorman.

After some fine dining at the Flying J we headed back to retrieve our box on Old Ridge Route. At our tee spot we noticed a JPI box that wasn't there before very strong on the meter. Took a heading and it appeared to be coming from across the 5 towards Hungry Valley. Called out to RJN and anyone still hunting our tee. RJN could hear our 10w truck radio but not the 5mw box. By 9:54pm he made it in along with Jippy at 10pm. Turns out Jippy's box was no more than 150 away and over the side of the hill from the NYW box. Coincidence? hmmm!

Thanks for an interesting hunt,

Scott's Story

J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI, hid three KF6GQ mini transmitters, all with 1/2 wave whips.
*N6MI T2 was hidden in Gorman, on the west side of the freeway, across from the Sizzler near the little reservoir.
*N6MI T3 was hidden by the sand silo on the west side of Highway 5, near the 138 intersection.
*N6MI T1 was hidden on Power Line Road, in Hungry Valley; the power lines were angry and making loud cracking noises.

I found:
*N6AIN TWO, near the north end of Gorman

*KB6NYW, on the way to Liebre Mountain

*WB6JPI T1 TONES, also on the way to Liebre Mountain

*DE KF6GQ T3, in the east end of Frazier Park

*KF6GQ T2, with a J antenna in the west end of Frazier Park; I sniffed for this transmitter about 27 miles to the southeast

*N6AIN T3, in the Flying J parking lot Note: this T was not in it's original position when found by Scott.

I made a fine little tape, with a snake dance, for the next film festival
. J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI