Results of The May 31, 1997 WWNIATT

The Hiders ...
Deryl N6AIN and Ray N6EKS


The Location of the Transmitter was on the uper Lytle Creek Ridge LA and Vicinity AAA map E12

Calls            time IN     miles
WB6JPI 10:45 AM 53.10 WA6PYE/WA6DLQ 11:22 AM 54.80 KF6GQ 11:28 AM 55.90 WB6ADC/N6UZS DNF Clark and Richrad drove through the area then went up to Mt. Baldy before giving up.

N6MJN/N6XFC 2:20 PM UOF Dave and Steve didn't start till 12:00 pm and from Daves home.

WA6FAT DNF UOF Milt was in the area but missed the road and ended up at Mt. Baden Powell where he quite.

There was an unofficial T that Ray put out on a hill west of the official T. Bob (WB6JPI) {Don (KF6GQ) AND Steve (KD6LAJ)} all drove up and sniffed it out.