May 31st 2008
Free For All

4 Teams showed up at Denny’s at Burbank Blvd and Sepulveda in Van Nuys.

3. N6AIN
4. N6ZHZ

The picture doesn't show all the Ts but gives you an idea how they were placed.
Most were up on Mulholland Drive. WA6DWL/K6MJU went the Furthest west. It
was on the back side of the closed gate. You can no longer go beyond that point.

N6ZHZ decided to go west and north. He had T1 as shown and 2 others somewhere
Near the Van Nuys airport, but no one found either of them.

At the end of Mulholland Place, Jippy place 7 Ts. Sounded like a pile up on Field Day.
He had one T that Ided T10 for a while. Then changed to T11. Later it was T12. Then it went
back to 10 and started over again

                 Ts       Ts     Total
Calls            hid     found   Points
N6ZHZ             1       16      17
WB6JPI            11      8       19
N6AIN             3       17      20
K6MJU and WA6DWL  6       15      21
The team of K6MJU Mike and WA6DWL David are the winners.

Jippy's Story
K6MJU/WA6DWL Pictures and Videos