May 30th 2009

The Hider: Don KF6GQ

Where: 3 were beside Highway 2 ( Angeles Crest). 1 was beside Mt. Wilson Red Box Rd where it meets Mt Lowe Rd.

Well after all the noise ZHZ made about coming out on a WWNIATT, he was a no-show! Bob JPI & Deryl AIN made the effort.

Because I hadn't really made plans for a WWNIATT, I had to come up with a quick plan for a hide. I hid 4 T's up on Angeles Crest Hwy. The only thing hard about these T's was geting to them. All had a bit and some a bit more than that, to get to them. T8 was at the Mt. Lowle trail head & Mt. Wilson Rd. It was back above the trail, and it took a bit of bushwacking to get to it. This T could only be heard about 3miles east on Rt.2 So it took a guess and then going for it. T7 was the main T and it was hidden off of Barley Flats rd. This road is now closed, so it took about a 1/2 mile walk to get to it! T5 was just pass the Shortcut trail head up on a ridge. T3 was on the trail to the infamous "JIPPY SUCKS II" 435 jammer T. Now as it turns out Jippy could of won the hunt easly, but decided to go get T8 and come all the way back to T5, adding about 5 miles to his total. (shame on Jippy). As it was The total miles for Deryl was 69.0 and for Jippy it was 72.3.
 Congratulations Deryl, you have won the famous WWNIATT!!!!!!!!

Jippy's Report