January 31st 2009

Hider Bob N6ZHZ and Cathy KD6CYG

Where:  Yucaipa. 2 Ts

As Cathy had to work at an estate sale in Yucaipa, we decided to hide one transmitter there, and one transmitter in the foothills behind Flag Hill at the upper end of Yucaipa.  The transmitter at the house at 35148 Ave. B was in the back alley, and we hoped to lure a few folks into checking out the vintage electronic stuff in the back sheds -- if for nothing other than curiousity's sake.  We also hoped to entice hunters into driving out past Banning, Oak Glen, etc.  It was a fairly simple hide, and the weather cooperated with brilliant sunshine and a great view from T2 on the hill.



Call      T1         Time
KF6GQ     68.0      11:15 am
WB6JPI    94.3      11:55 am
N6AIN     95.3      11:41 am

Call      T2         Time
KF6GQ     70.5      11:40 am
N6AIN     97.0      12:11 pm
WB6JPI   112.0       1:46 pm