The Results of the January 30th 1999 WWNIATT Hunt

At 7:00 AM Saturday I headed out for the hiding spot I had picked out some week before. It took 45 minutes to reach the location, an almost 3000 foot hill between the north and south bound lanes of Hiway 5 just before they come together at the north end, near Castaic Lake.

The only way to get there is to pull off the 5 on the right just before the north and south lanes meet. There is a bypass road for emergency use that connects the north and south lanes. 1/2 way across there is a small dirt road that lead up to a Radio site. I placed the Transmitter at the top.

The Transmitter was a MBR box running 2.5 watts to an eleven element beam. After some adjustment to the antenna direction the report from the start point was that all hunters were hearing the T.

Team              Miles    Time
N6ZHZ/KC6CYG      85.2     12:20 PM cowinner
N6MJN/N6XFC       85.2     12:25 PM cowinner
WB6JPI           143.3     2:25 PM
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ     189.9     3:55 PM
KD6SNE           260.3     6:30 PM

Both the teams of N6ZHZ/KC6CYG and N6MJN/N6XFC had the same milage, down to the tenth of a mile, and the same crenshaw factor. This makes them cowinners and they will decide who will hide the next WWNIATT hunt.