The Results of the WWNIATT Hunt


Having no one find the last WWNIATT transmitter kinda biased this hunt. It was easy as these things go. There were Four transmitters located just east of Morongo Valley where the 60 FWY crosses over the Badlands.

T1 (identifying as such), an AF6O box with 1/2 wave vertical antenna sitting in a bush, was located on a pullout on the south side of the FWY. This stretch of FWY goes for 6 miles without anyway to turn around. I figured someone would just blow by it and then realize that it was too late and have to go the 12 mile roundtrip. I dunno if anyone did.

T2 was located on the North side of the FWY about 1.5 miles east of T1. It was an AF6O box with a 1/4 wave vertical sitting alongside a power pole right on the FWY. You got too it from some kind of dirt road that ran alongside the FWY. This road has several entrances along the FWY, so you could correct an "error" if you didn't wait too long.

T3 was the come-in transmitter and was located under a power line on a slight hill about 1.5 miles due north of T1 between the FWY and Timoteo Canyon Road. You reached it from Timoteo, on a dirt path across a pasture and up a muddy hill. It was an AF6O box into a 9 element horizontal beam.

T4 was a throw out east of T3 on Timoteo and was located south of the adjoining RR tracks in a bush. It was an AF6O box with 1/4 wave vertical antenna.

The findings:

I think four teams started and one showed up later:

Team T1 T2 T3 T4 N6MJN/N6XFC 68.3 50.3 55.6 58.9 --Winner-- KC6TNJ/N6AIN 82.2 55.8 74.3 71.9 KF6GQ 86.2 84.2 64.55 62.0 KD6SNE DNF DNF DNF DNF APPLESAUCE DNF NM DNF DNF