Hiders Story II


Saturday morning I left my house at 2:30am.  I arrived in Ventura at 4am and ready to wake up Deryl and get going, well I was nice enough to let him sleep for a while so I closed the eyes in a Vons parking lot until 6:30 and then called Derly but his phone was not on.  Later he calls and we met a Dennyís for breakfast then on the road about 7:30.

We arrive at a camp site which turns out to be the best camp site on Pine MT rd. That was evident of all the traffic and hikers who wanted it.  We even had people pull in and park and go for a walk, they did not even care or asked us if they could.

 I decided weeks ago I wanted to have much Over Kill of signal at the start point and to my knowledge that has not been done before on an All Day and have many close in week Tís that were no more than a hop skip and jump of a road.  The Main T was 27 watts into Deryls 15 foot vertical 5 feet off the ground at 7032 feet and approximately 81 air miles I was sure that would make the hunters add at least 20 db of attenuation at the start but what I did not expect them to hear was a 50mw T inside a piece of fake bread sitting on the picnic table.  My spider T was my favorite since it was the only T you could hear a hunter find. You knew it was found when you heard the colorful words coming from the cave and the fast retreat ass first from the entrance.

 Well as Deryl said in the first story the main T died and was replaced with a 50 watt T and then another T died and was not replaced.  Well 5 hours later after the hunt started we were finally able to sit down and not do anything except fight off the BUGís until early evening and all the hunters found us.  

 It sure was nice to have all the hunters coming and going out of the camp ground looking for Tís scattered all over the place.  We had snacks, drinks and sandwich making stuff all ready for the hungry hunters.

 Thanks Deryl for going along with my ideas for this hunt and I am glad everyone had a good & and enjoyable T-hunt despite the dead Tís.

 De Steve / N6XFC